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IT Governance and Risk Management

To ensure compliance with business objectives and the best possible support for business processes.


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the strategic relevance of IT

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In many businesses, the technology and software in use is actually obsolete or subpar. To ensure compliance with business objectives and the best possible support for business processes, it is therefore vital to take into account the strategic relevance of IT, which is commonly referred to as IT governance.

The primary objective of employing information technology in business contexts to deliver and support business processes is typically to create additional value by improving the efficiency and performance of operations. For some, the current circumstances make it impossible to realize a return on investment or even measure one, and neither the anticipated advantages nor the promised innovation are realized.
Businesses are now facing both new opportunities and risks as a result of the expanding usage of information technology in commercial settings. It becomes important to maintain a balance between introducing cutting-edge IT solutions and reducing the dangers involved. Mericass is cognizant of the need to stay current with technology and take advantage of the enormous opportunities presented by technological advancements, but we are also conscious of the hazards associated with doing so and the obligation on the part of the board to control those risks.
Mericass can assist you in identifying and managing the associated IT risks so you can achieve your financial objectives if you are experiencing rapid expansion, have extensive and sophisticated information systems, or are putting new technologies or outsourcing arrangements in place.

The following crucial elements are typically covered by an IT governance concept

Our services

Business Systems General and Application Controls

Our services include migration and deployment of ERP systems, reviews of CSI systems, and governance, risk, and control (GRC) solutions like SAP GRC.

Information Protection, Strategy, and Policy

We collaborate with our clients to build organizational plans, governance frameworks, control framework designs, information protection strategies, and policy evaluations.

Business, Security, and Technology Assessment

In this context, we provide our clients services such as security management, business risk assessments, physical security, and unified IT compliance in addition to security testing.

Resilience in Business and Technology

We provide our clients with high availability services, disaster recovery planning, business continuity management, and crisis management. The service also covers the creation, testing, and evaluation of BCP/DRP protocols.

IT Architecture and Infrastructure

We assist clients in establishing a target architecture and identifying their current baseline architecture. Additionally, we offer clients solution evaluations, planning for implementation and transition, definitions of policies and service levels, and benchmarking.

Data classification

Data classification, data flow analysis, data control frameworks, privacy strategy, privacy assessments, and information lifecycle management solutions are just a few of the services we offer in the areas of information governance, privacy, and confidentiality.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM services include technology deployment, project management, process optimization, and strategy descriptions.

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